Instruction Book

Your Personalized Approach to Golf: The Setup

  • This book allows players at every skill level to determine the correct grip, ball positions, stance width, foot flare, arm positioning and posture that is right for them depending on their flexibility, strength and physical characteristics. The book includes taking certain flexibility tests to help you make these determinations. Too many players do not put enough of an emphasis on establishing a good setup.  Instead, they tend to focus on what is happening in the swing itself. As I tell my students; "A house is only as strong as its foundation." The setup is your foundation in golf. Remember this, the great Jack Nicklaus is quoted as saying; "If you set up correctly there is a good chance you'll hit a reasonable shot, even if you make a mediocre swing. If you set up to the ball poorly you'll hit a lousy shot, even if you make the greatest swing in the world." Experience the difference that quality golf lessons can have on your game.

Mr. Stacy Mapel

PGA Certified Professional

  (Teaching & Coaching)