Putting/Short Game Boot Camps

ALL OF THE PUTTING BOOT CAMPS HAVE BEEN A HUGE SUCCESS!! Form your own class or join one of the regularly scheduled adult putting boot camps at Hawks Creek Golf Club. Stacy is an Eyeline Golf “4PE” and “Tour Roll” Certified Putting Instructor. He is also one of only 16 Eyeline Golf "Elite" Putting Instructors in the United States. He utilizes specific training aids, stations and drills that will enhance your learning experience. The camps take place on the members’ putting green and will be limited to 3 participants at a cost of $90 per person for each 2 hour class. Each student will receive a complimentary copy of Stacy's first book, "Your Personalized Approach to Golf: The Setup." A $20 value.

The following is a list of putting camps by Level and their subjects;

Level 1 - Setup & Stroke

Level 2 - Setup & Stroke Recap + Speed/Distance Control

Level 3 - Green Reading

NOTE: You must complete Levels 1 & 2 before participating in Level 3

Contact Stacy at 817-913-5971, or by email at if you have any questions or would like to register. Hope to see you there! Experience the difference that quality golf lessons can have on your game.


Gordon Jones

“Thanks again for your patience and professionalism.  This is a program long overdue.  Back when I first started the game in the late 1950s, no one thought of spending more than a few minutes, if that, on anything like a putting lesson.  We just developed whatever stroke it was that seemed to work, or tried to copy the pros if we could ever see them on our black and white TVs.  I recall seeing clips of the Masters from that era, when the Augusta greens were much slower, and it appears players often tended to pop the ball while breaking their wrists.  We've come a long way from those days, and you've brought teaching into the modern era.”

Jason Davis

“I recently had the opportunity to work with Stacy Mapel on 2 different occasions for improvement with putting. I found it to be excellent, I learned a lot about what I could change or improve to make all aspects of my putting better! I have seen a drastic change in my putting already! I played a round a little over a week ago & had 6 birdies! I have never had more than 3 birdies in a round ever! I am much more confident now & have a whole new outlook on putting! Thanks Stacy!” 

Stu Strain

“The putting boot camp was a great way to step back and look at what you THINK you are doing from what you are ACTUALLY doing.  The FIRST station showed me my front shoulder was open, therefore, pulling my putts.  I had no idea I was set up like this.  Since the camp, I have noticed a change on the greens in the four rounds I have played.  My distance control is much better and I am not leaving as many putts short.” 

Jason Marron

“Overall I thought the camp was great. At the beginning, Stacy asked everybody what they were having the most trouble with and made sure that he helped each person with the issues they were having. Listening to everybody talk, I think that everybody walked out of there feeling a lot more comfortable about their putting. I would highly recommend this class for anybody who feels they are having problems with their putting.”

Carl Feltner

“I enjoyed this putting school immensely. It was everything and more that I needed to improve in the putting area of my game. The individual instruction that we received from Stacy was outstanding and easy to understand and put into my practice and game.”

Brent Hull

“Stacy is a great teacher with a ton of experience and good eye to catch what is wrong.”

Stacy Strain

“I am a beginner, so the boot camp was great to show me the proper way to address the ball, make a good stroke, and actually THINK about the putt before I do it.  Before, I would just walk up and hit the ball, not thinking through the steps.  I have only played once since the class, but I feel more positive on the green than I did before.  In fact, my husband and I bought the Eye Line putting mirror and have been using it in the house."

George Barlow

“My first outing after the camp I was consistently lining up and sinking my 4 to 5 footers.  I was lagging closer and leaving less work than before the clinic.  My gang noticed the improvement and asked me about the camp. I felt a lot more confident that my putts were heading for the hole." 

Harold Cypert

“I really appreciated Stacy's knowledge and time in teaching this putting class.  It was very helpful to me.”

Mike Camp

“My experience at the putting boot camp was all positive and beneficial. I feel more confident in my overall putting.”