What You Can Expect

  • First of all, I am not a “method” teacher. All players are not built the same, nor do they all have the same level of flexibility. My systematic approach to teaching allows me to tailor each student’s game based on sound scientific principles. This is determined by flexibility testing, what I see through video analysis, the players strength, as well as their overall physical characteristics to ensure that every single student reaches their full potential. My first book, “Your Personalized Approach to Golf: The Setup” which you can learn more about on this site helps every player to establish the ideal grip, stance width, foot flare, ball positions, etc. based upon the aforementioned aspects.

  • When choosing your golf instructor make sure that you research the instructors teaching experience, PGA teaching credentials, as well as the instructors students willingness to provide nationally publicized testimonials from players of varying skill levels in order to verify the instructors true success for being able to help his or her students play to the best of their ability.

  • It is important to understand that the golf instruction profession is not monitored or regulated. This means that basically anyone can call themselves a professional golf instructor and charge a fee for golf lessons. Many people assume that because a person teaches at a driving range or is a highly-skilled player they must have the knowledge and experience to help you improve. Many of these highly-skilled players that regularly compete in tournament play tend to focus more on their own games instead of honing their teaching skills in order to help their students.


  • I have helped thousands of students from beginners to PGA Tour Professionals to play their best, and I will enjoy the opportunity to help you to play to a level that you may have never thought possible. I will make the improvement/learning process rewarding and enjoyable. Please visit the “testimonials” page to read reviews from a few of my students revealing how I have helped them to improve their games.